Role Areas +

Our Internship scheme has been developed for penultimate year undergraduate students, with a keen interest in building a career in asset management and is a perfect way to bridge the gap between University and professional life. Our structured programme offers live projects and social events that will help you understand the work and lifestyle of a full time graduate trainee within our business. We have a number of placements on offer, which will run from June 2018 for 10 weeks. Unlike other traditional internship programmes, the roles on offer will not be rotational. The programme has been designed in this way, to provide you with an intimate experience of the day-to-day operations of the team that you will join. The time will also give you the chance to shine and contribute in your own way.

Equities +

Our equities team runs a wide range of 1actively and 2passively managed equity funds, investing in stocks issued by corporations. These products use a variety of strategies to target different investment objectives while employing a robust investment process. The equities team is headed up by Peter Rutter who runs our Global Equities Funds and is supported by a team of 18 highly experienced investment professionals with an average of 17 years investment experience. One of our flagship funds is the RL UK Equity Income Fund which has been externally recognised. As an equities intern, as with all our intern roles you can expect to have real accountability You will assist the team with their daily tasks such as conducting market analysis and valuation exercises, writing reports and presenting your findings, while also learning how we construct portfolios to meet our clients’ objectives.

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Fixed Interest +

We are highly regarded in the asset management industry as a strong provider of fixed interest products. Our team is headed up by Jonathan Platt who has been with us for over 30 years and runs our award winning RL Corporate Bond Fund. Jonathan is supported by a team of 30 highly experienced investment professionals. The Credit Research Team is an integral part of our fixed interest team, conducting independent research into the creditworthiness of firms or entities issuing debt. By providing internal ratings on a wider range of investments than those rated by external agencies, they increase the potential to uncover untapped value. The team also works to ensure our clients benefit from ongoing analysis of issuers and the in-depth knowledge and experience of the team. As an intern you will learn from seasoned investment professionals, you will help with daily research tasks and learn how our specialist researchers assess the risk and return characteristics of new and existing investments. There will be opportunities to look at high yield (riskier) debt and to understand some of the differences between investment grade and sub-investment grade bonds and gain knowledge about global government bond markets.

Multi Asset +

Our multi asset team manages portfolios across a range of asset classes, including bonds, shares and commodities. Their suite of funds forms a crucial part of our product offering for long-term investors, and their research, market analysis and modelling work are influential across all our investment teams. Their economic modelling tool, the ‘Investment Clock’, forms the basis of our in-house asset allocation views. You will participate in the team’s daily research and analysis, learning about the fundamental concepts of multi asset portfolio construction and the dynamics of economic modelling and forecasting, including the operation and application of the Investment Clock.

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Marketing +

The RLAM marketing team look after every aspect of marketing activity for our products - from creating campaigns, writing our brochures, magazines and organising events to creating content and managing our brand - in order to build our presence across the market and help support sales. As a marketing intern you will help develop and execute the short term strategies that fit our overarching business objectives. You will work closely with the different areas of our distribution teams, as well as the fund desks, to develop communication via a variety of traditional, social and rich media.

Sales +

The sales team provides a key role within RLAM distribution. The teams are organised by 4wholesale and 5institutional channel each focussing on their respective client base, which include pension funds, wealth managers, multi managers, consultants, local authorities, insurers and charities. You will work with the sales team, on the different stages of the sales process - from identifying a prospective client to supporting the sales pitch as well as working with the client relationship team to provide support once a client is on boarded.

Proposition +

The proposition team develops our products and services and supports the sales teams in delivering these to clients. Roles within the team are varied but all involve a very close working relationship with sales and fund managers, as well as other areas across our business. This function is often referred to as product development/ strategy within the asset management industry. As an intern you will work with the team to research new opportunities, analyse competitors, acquire a good knowledge of our product range and enhance your project management skills.

Glossary +

1 Active investing refers to a portfolio management strategy where the manager makes specific investments with the goal of outperforming an investment benchmark index.
2 Passive investing refers to a strategy in which a manager invests in accordance with a pre-determined strategy that doesn't entail any forecasting.
3 Distribution refers to the teams that make the commercial decisions around producing, selling and marketing our funds, this includes product strategy/development, Institutional and wholesale sales, proposition, client relationship management (CAM) as well as marketing.
4 Wholesale describes clients that are accessed via wealth managers, family offices multi managers, Independent financial advisers as well as other intermediaries.
5 Institutional describes our client base that includes pension schemes, insurance companies, charities, universities, banks and building societies as well as local authorities and corporations.



RLAM is part of the Royal London Group.

Royal London Asset Management (RLAM) was set up in 1988 as the dedicated fund management arm of the Royal London Group and has since evolved into one of the UK’s leading investment companies.

Founded in 1861, initially as a friendly society dedicated to serving the interests of its members and securing their financial security, Royal London became a mutual life insurance company in 1908.

Today, Royal London is the UK's largest mutual life and pensions company with Group funds under management of £99.6 billon. Group businesses serve over 3.6 million customers and employ over 2,910 people. Figures quoted are as at 31 December 2016.

As specialist financial services provider, the businesses in Royal London Group focus on those sectors of the market which value quality propositions, operating through a number of brands. Their goal is to provide innovative solutions that match the needs of distribution partners and customers.

RLAM manages over £50 billion of assets on behalf of a wide range of external clients, as well for the Royal London Group and has with a particular focus on providing asset management services to UK institutional and wholesale clients.

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